Doll Fun Specials

This is a page for all the past Doll Fun Specials. Every month I will post a Doll Fun Special. After each month I will put the previous one up on this page, so that you can easily read a past special. You can also find them in my blog archive. I hope you enjoy reading all the Doll Fun Specials!

Past Doll Fun Specials:

Doll Fun Special # 5: Holiday Hairstyle

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Doll Fun Special # 4: Treat Bag for Dolls!

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Doll Fun Special # 3: Doll Breakfast Ideas!

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Doll Fun Special # 2: Back to School!

Have you gone back to school yet? I went back on Tuesday. It was my first day of eleventh grade, junior year of high school! The homework load is definitely heavier this year and I have a lot of activities as well... sigh... I wish it was still summer.

Since it is around the time you go back to school, I decided to do a Back to School themed Doll Fun Special! Have fun reading some school ideas!

A few years ago I found some miniature school accessories, which are perfect for dolls!

Some of the things I found include, notebooks, sticky notes, tape, rulers, a stapler, and scissors! The calculator was made from the Doll School Craft Kit!

I also found these mini gel pens an eraser.

This backpack is also just too cute!

You can probably find these types of items at your local pharmacy, dollar store, or party store. They are not usually too expensive. I found mine at two pharmacies near me.

This is Molly's desk that my older sister is letting me borrow for a little while. I can store some of the supplies in here!
These lunchboxes I got from Target. They were selling these adorable Coca Cola and Sprite lunch boxes in the dollar section. Using clay, you can sculp "food" for your dolls and pack it for them in their lunchboxes. :) I got the idea from Doll Diaries! Target sometimes has surprise doll sized finds in their dollar section, so you might want to check it out!

You can also make many doll sized school supplies yourself! You could make a mini compostition book for your doll by cutting out pieces out of an old notebook (with a parent's permission) and stapling paper in between them. Cutting slips of paper and making pretend worksheets is another fun idea.

Go HERE to check out a tutorial on how to make a doll school locker!

For even more doll school craft ideas, check out the Doll School Craft Kit from American Girl

What have you made for your doll? Have you made any school supplies for them?

Doll Fun Special # 1: Doll Food!
Welcome to the first Doll Fun Special! I have a fun craft to show you all, which you can easily make for your doll/s!

You will need some different colors of clay. Sculpey clay is a good brand. You will also need a clean work space and a paper plate to put your clay on. You might also want to use some tools such as a knife, so you can shape the clay into "food".

I recently made a bunch of foods for my dolls using this clay! I made s'mores, a chocolate chip cookie, a banana popsicle, a hamburger, a pepperoni pizza, and a lollipop!

For the s'more, just get some light brown clay, dark brown clay, and white clay. Then cut two small doll sized squares of the light brown clay and shape them into two graham crackers. Add some dark brown clay and white clay in the middle for the melted marshmellow and chocolate.

The lollipop is very simple to make. You just shape some dark pink clay (or what ever color you want) into a circle and slip a cut tooth pick through it.

If you want to make a chocolate chip cookie, mold the light brown clay into a small circle and add little "chocolate chips." (pieced of dark brown clay)

I love my banana popsicle. Just take some yellow clay and shape it into a popsicle. Add a toothpick through it and you're done! (You can even make double popsicles or different "flavors".)

The hamburger is a little more difficult, but it's not too hard. Shape some light brown clay into hamburger buns. In between, shape circular like shapes of green, red, yellow or gold, and dark brown clay. (This will be the lettuce, tomato, cheese, and meat.) Optional: Finally add small white pieces of clay on top of the bun to look like sesame seeds.

The pizza is also neat to make! Sculp some light brown clay into a circle. Add a circle of red clay on top. Finally add uneven shapes of white or ivory clay and place firmly on top of the red clay, leaving some red clay showing. This part can be complicated and will probably take the longest. You can also add red circles on top for pepperoni! You choose!

After you have finished your food, you can bake it in the oven, so that it will harden. I still need to do that... LOL

Then give it to your doll/s! :)

You can make various other treats for your doll as well! You could make candy bars, fruit, a cake, a pie, and lots MORE! Just be creative and have fun!

I hoped you enjoyed reading my first Doll Fun Special! (I think I will be posting another one this month, but when the school year comes around, these types of posts will probably be only once a month. It all depends on how much time I have...

Oh and I decided to post these regularly on my blog, but made a separate page on the top of my blog for all my past posts, so you can easily read one if you missed one. Thank you Rachel for the idea! :)