Our Friend's Dolls

Hello and welcome to the Our Friend's Dolls Page!

This is a page where readers can share photos of their dolls!

If you would like to participate in this, please send a photo of your doll/s to agfan2010@aol.com! Please include your name/nickname and the names of your dolls. (Before sending in a picture, please read the rules below.


1.) You may only submit pictures of doll/s. They do not have to be American Girl dolls. Please do not include a picture of yourself or other people. Photos of people will not be published. (This is because I want everyone to be safe.)

2.) You may only send in one photo.

3.) Your picture must be appropriate. Inappropriate pictures will not be published.

4.) Please send in your pictures to agfan2010@aol.com with your name/nickname and the names of your dolls!

5.) Have fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below! I hope you can send in a picture!

Our Friend's Dolls Photos:

Phoenix playing in the snow! Photo sent in by: Ashlyn (Ashlyn was the first to send in a photo! Congrats Ashlyn!)

Alison, Elizabeth, and Samantha playing in the leaves! Photo sent in by: Gracie

Kit, Rebecca, Elena (Lanie), and in the front is Penelope! Photo sent in by: Priya

Thank you for sharing your photos!


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