Meet the Dolls

Here is a place to learn all about each of the dolls that live in Friendship Valley!

Felicity Anne Merriman

Felicity is the oldest, at 16 of the dolls in Friendship Valley. She is an incoming 10th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She is a professional ballet dancer and a ballet teacher in Friendship Valley. She is a big helper to all her younger sisters. Felicity is often seen walking the dogs Coconut and Butterscotch. She loves dolls, cooking, beaches, the pets, teaching, picnics, and holidays. She loves babysitting little kids. Her favorite food is pizza. Her favorite color is pink.

Kirsten Anne Larson

Kirsten is 14 and loves to cook. She is an incoming 9th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She has her own cooking show in Friendship Valley. Kirsten is also a school teacher to the younger children. She likes ballet and babysitting as well. Her favorite food is brownies. Her favorite colors are pink and blue.

Ruthie Anne Smithens

Ruthie is 13 and is an incoming 8th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She loves fairy tales, especially Cinderella. She also loves chocolate, babysitting, ballet, and cooking. Ruthie likes camping and ice skating too. She has won many medals for her excellent work in figure ice skating and piano. Her favorite foods are pizza and chocolate. Her favorite colors are purple and pink.

Lilly Claire Larson

Lilly Claire is 14 and is an incoming 9th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She is Kirsten's twin sister too! She is a very talented artist who loves to draw and paint. Lilly loves playing with her dolls. One of her favorite things to do is go shopping! She likes ballet as well. Her favorite food is cake. Her favorite colors are violet, purple, and pink.

Charlotte Anne Merriman

Charlotte is 13 and an incoming 8th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She is very girly. She loves fashion, pink, nail polish, lip gloss, purses, and shopping! Charlotte loves ballet and is always practicing with Felicity. She also tap dances and recently did at the Friendship Valley 4th of July Celebration. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. Charlotte also likes to solve mysteries like Nancy Drew. Her favorite food is watermelon. Her favorite color is.... PINK! :)

Chrissa Marie Maxwell

Chrissa is 10 and an incoming 6th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. Chrissa is very girly like Charlotte. She loves swimming and ballet. She loves listening to Justin Beiber's and the Jonas Brother's music. She also loves singing to her favorite tunes. Chrissa is very kind and sweet to everyone she meets and does NOT like bullies. She loves being outdoors and wishes she had a pet llama. One of her favorite games is jump rope. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite foods are watermelon and cookies.

Lanie Claire Holland

Lanie is 13 and an incoming 8th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She love being outdoors and going green. Lanie loves fashion and listening to her favorite singer, Taylor Swift. She likes to ice skate with Ruthie and has also won many medals for her excellent work. Lanie also likes ballet and often dances in the studio with her sisters. She loves flowers and butterflies. She also likes to go camping. Her favorite colors are green and pink.

Rebecca Catherine Rubin

Rebecca is also 12 and an incoming 7th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She dreams of being an actress someday. She loves singing and acting. She loves to read as well. Rebecca loves the 4th of July and being patriotic. Her favorite colors are red and pink.

Allison Anne Larson

Allison is almost 2 and loves stories and her teddy bears. All her sisters, especially Kirsten, Millie, and Lilly like to play with her. Allison is a cutie and loves to play games like hide and seek. Her favorite foods are bananas and milk.

Millie Elizabeth Keith

Millie is 14 and is an incoming 9th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She is very helpful and kind. Millie loves to read her bible, play the piano, and sew quilts or other things. She loves the movie Little Women as well as the book. Millie also loves kittens, especially Licorice. She likes to have tea parties with Elsie too. Her favorite colors are violet and pink.

Elsie Grace Dinsmore

Elsie is 8 and is an incoming fourth grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls. She is very sweet, gentle, and kind. Elsie loves to pray and read her bible. She also likes to have tea parties with Millie. Elsie likes the movies, Little House on the Prairie as well as the books. Her favorite food is oatmeal raisin cookies. Her favorite colors are yellow, pink, green, and blue.

Elizabeth Kate Cole

Elizabeth is Felicity's best friend. She is also 16. She loves to dance at the Friendship Valley Royal Academy of Ballet. Elizabeth loves elegant and fashionable things as well.  She likes to sew and have tea parties. Shopping and baking are also some of her interests. Elizabeth is excellent in piano as well. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite drink is tea. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.

Thank you for stopping by to meet the dolls!


  1. Hey, do you know what's kind of funny? My name is Charlotte and my middle name is Anne too! :D I like your blog, by the way :D

  2. hi! a few months ago i was looking at my ag catolog and saw that their were games i had not heard of on innerstaru have you heard of hike and seek? if so please tell me where to find it! thanks! sorry for not using good english

    1. its in the nature center place at the top of the map!

  3. That's so cool Charlotte! Thanks!

    I am not sure about the hike and seek. First you have to sign up on InnerStar U and then find it in the games section. I have never played that one, so I'm not sure exactly where it is.

  4. i have a cousin who's middle name is anne and her last name is almost the same its larkon i love charlotte and your baby

  5. i love hike and seek on innerstaru

  6. cute! I like Charlotte.

  7. Thanks Rachel and Megan! That's really neat Rachel!

  8. i love your dolls lanies the cutest i have the same doll

  9. I love all your dolls, there so adorable, about the hike and seek you can find it at nature center, its really fun and challenging. I have 7 american girl dolls and I love them all! Their names include Rebecca, Kirsten, Felicity, Molly, Emily, Kit, and Sophia "Sophie".


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