Monday, January 23, 2012

Doll Fun Special # 6: Mini Magazine Holder for Dolls!

Do your dolls like to read miniature American Girl magazines? Have you ever needed a place to put all those tiny magazines?

Here is a simple craft, in which you can make your very own mini magazine holder for your doll/s! :)

Materials: You will need a mini cereal box, some pretty wrapping paper/colored paper, scissors, and glue!

Directions: Begin, by cutting the thin side vertically and then cutting the front diagonally. Afterwards, cut wrapping paper and glue it to your holder! Then put your doll's magazines inside! And there you have it... a perfect mini magazine holder!

Check back soon for the February Doll Fun Special! (I am so sorry the January one was so late.)


  1. Thank you so much Anne!! I have been needing a place to store the tiny magazines and books! I think I will make 2 of them.:)

    Thanks again!


  2. Where did you get sooooo many magazines??? I only have 4!!!!


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